Vietnam.  These are multi-specialty teams.  In 2018, many teams will go, however, I have only written about the three teams below, I have specific dates and contact emails but won't have 2018 dates until later:

  • Dr. Randy Otto, [email protected].  While this will be multi-specialty, Randy will concentrate on Head & Neck Surgery & Oncology.
  • Dr. Brent Senior, [email protected], whose team goes annually every late winter to early spring.
  • Dr. Craig Hedges, [email protected], leads two teams to Vietnam each year as well as the trip to Nepal.  He hopes to return to Vietnam each Spring as well as Vietnam & Nepal in October, 2018.

  • The Vietnam trips will have the availability of all types of surgeons and medical doctors, audiologists, nurses, oral surgeons, dentists, etc., etc. Typically, we will spend the first week in Hanoi and the second week in HoChiMinh City (the old Saigon).  The weekend between will be spent at a fun tourist location somewhere in Vietnam. Yes, you can do just one week, if you can't get both weeks off. This is a great trip for families/spouses.  My wife is non-medical and goes most years.  There’s plenty of time for sightseeing and shopping!  Cost is around $4800 for the doctor and $3800-4000 for other family members.  This fluctuates with the cost of airplane fuel.

    Other teams going to Vietnam:

    Brent Senior leads an ENT team each Spring.  While it is predominantly an ENT team, they would be thrilled to have other specialties.  Contact Dr. Senior at [email protected].


    An OB-Gyn team typically goes in January, every year.  This is a good group of people from all over the USA.  They welcome you to join.  The team leader is Dr. Mickey Smith, [email protected].   


    The Pediatric team, with several Peds Surgeons and Peds Medical Specialists, go at various times of the year.  The team leader is Dr. Austin Raunikar, [email protected]

    The Family Practice team typically goes in the fall.  Dr. Dan Mitchell is the team leader, [email protected].

    The Nursing team is filled with clinical nurses, educators and operating room nurses. Goehner Elaine is the team leader, [email protected].

    The Dental team is lead by Dr. Jim Sandlin, [email protected].  Contact Jim for more information.


    There are other teams (Hematology, small business, agriculture, vet med., etc.).  Learn more at  These trips are repeated every year. 

    These trips take a lot of planning, so even learning of your possible interest as soon as possible is helpful.  Even if you end up not going, it is very beneficial.  I hope to hear from you soon.  In His Service,  David

    David    Email: [email protected]

    Resources Exchange International (REI) takes about 9 teams each year.  Some of us always take family members.  


    Begee and I in the homes of one of our former fellows.


    On our Vietnam mission trips, we work as a team with three primary goals.  The first goal is to build relationships.  Our platform for relationship building is our work.  It is teaching medicine.  We concentrate on building trusting relationships where the Vietnam medical professionals will then respect what we have to say. 


    That respect allows us to gain credibility with them.  And that leads to our being able to honestly share with them what is really in our hearts.  For many of us, this is the most important reason for doing this mission work.


    There is no question that they begin to see something in us that is different from other international teachers that come to their country, and they begin to ask the “why” questions.  Why are you here?  Why do you want to help us?  Why are you different?


    The second goal is to offer something they really want… quality medical teaching. 


    And the third is simply to love them.  To tell them why we come.  To open our hearts to them.  In the evenings, I try to get one-on-one with a Vietnamese doctor and invite them to be my guest for supper.  Now, there is no large group, and the teacher-student relationship can be abandoned.  It is just the two of us building a friendship.  This is where we can address the “why” questions.


    I can’t begin to tell you how much fun this is and how very meaningful it has become to return each year and be with such phenomenal friends.


    The Vietnamese doctors and nurses are very intelligent and have a superb work ethic.  They want to “soak up” every bit of information we are prepared to offer.  Many of you may say that such teaching is not your thing.  But the truth is that they are just as interested in knowing how private practice doctors run their offices, operate a practice, management business, see outpatients, what techniques are used for our “routine” surgeries, procedures, etc.


    We work through a wonderful organization called Resources Exchange International (REI) – Vietnam.  This nice group of people organize our trips, obtain visas, get accommodations (always very nice), arrange transportation, set up the medical programs in Vietnam, travel with us continuously and do much more.  Some of the REI staff are Americans based out of Colorado Springs, while others are Vietnamese based out of Hanoi.  You will never meet finer people.


    The expenses of the trips are tax deductible when handled through REI.  A typical two week trip costs about $4800 and $3800-4000 for a spouse.  This includes transportation from your home to Vietnam, hotels, a fun weekend at a romantic and picturesque location, breakfast and expenses to host the Vietnamese with dinners, etc.  We have discovered that this is a great family experience.


    It usually takes about four months to organize your specialty, so if this interests you, you need to let us know well in advance.


    Well over 200 American, Canadian and Australian doctors, nurses audiologists and pharmacists have participated with us since 1996.  Instrument companies have supported us and the donations from them are well in excess of $14 million dollars.


    If this sounds interesting to you and you would like more information, please contact me at [email protected] or contact REI-Vietnam at: 


         Resources Exchange International – Vietnam

         5446 North Academy Boulevard, Suite 202

         Colorado Springs, CO 80918  USA

         Phone 719 528 5126

         email   [email protected]


         Fax 719 528 1667


    These trips have changed my life.  I can only tell you that I have never been the same since “signing on” with the Vietnamese medical teaching experience.  I would encourage you to look very seriously at joining us.  You will never be the same!


    In His Grace,  David


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