Life was great!  So many wonderful events moved through my life:  Distinguished Graduate USAF pilot training, fighter training and being awarded the Top Gun in two fighter type planes, a one year tour in Vietnam as a Forward Air Controller, three Distinguished Flying Crosses and 13 Air Medals, a third Top Gun in the F-105 Thunderchief, the fastest low altitude fighter in the free world, and then medical school.  The wonderful blessings continued with graduating at the top of my class, specialty training in Pediatrics followed by a challenging practice as a Pediatrician, then a second residency in Ear, Nose and Throat Surgery, and phenomenal international fellowships in London, England and Sydney, Australia. 


After all this great training, the marvels continued when I began an academic career, teaching cutting-edge surgical ideas to residents for the USAF.  Surgical instrument design and development resulted in an international reputation.  Over 130 papers were accepted for publication, residents graduated with all types of honors and invitations to speak were offered from all over the world.  What could ever be better? 


From my flying days, an attitude developed that said, “I can do great things that few other men can do.”  I can fly better, design better instruments, operate with greater skills.  The attitude grew with each success.  The credit for each success was accepted as a singular personal achievement.  Again, what could be better?


While the achievements were possibly admired by some, the attitude wasn’t.  Soon an accusation was falsely made that I had accepted bribes for the enormous sale of the surgical instruments.  I was an Air Force Colonel and as such, could not accept any monetary reward.  A huge investigation was held showing that I had done nothing wrong, but that was not the end.  Three additional investigations were held, and despite an eventual clearing of my record, my name and my career in the military were destroyed.


In the midst of the crises, there seemed to be no where to turn.  Emptiness and overwhelming despair had made my life miserable.  All hope was gone.  That was when my wife, a quiet and prayerful believer, had her prayers answered.  New friends came into my life who introduced me to the idea of seeking the real meaning and purpose of life through an understanding of the message of Jesus Christ.


By my being a huge skeptic, this was very difficult, but through two years of friendship, fellowship, Bible study and prayer, I gradually realized that I wasn’t the center focus of life.  Jesus Christ had come to “seek and save” the lost.  I would never have admitted that I was lost until groveling in the depth of a shattered career.


It suddenly became clear.  He didn’t care about my Top Guns, the instruments I had developed, or the fame.  Those things weren’t important to Him.  What was important was my having a truly genuine relationship with Him… to believe in Him and to trust in Him.  He gave himself on the Cross as a sacrifice for my sins.  He was now, not only offering me love and forgiveness, but he was giving me the opportunity to know beyond all doubt that I could dwell in His presence throughout all eternity.  All I had to do was to ask for forgiveness, and to simply believe in Him.  With that, I would be assured that I would have eternal life and fellowship with the Creator of the Universe.


For the first time in my life I was truly humbled, and I was physically brought to my knees.  For the first time I recognized that I was the problem.  I had wanted everyone else to change.  I had wanted them to see my way. Now I realized that I was the one who had to change.  My self-centered attitude was what had provoked all these problems.  So, right then I asked Jesus to forgive me.  I told Him that I believed in Him and I asked Him to enter my life. 


Slowly, peace, contentment and joy began to fill my life.  Since that day my story only gets better.  I am a changed man.  My life has a purpose far greater than I had ever realized before.  My life now centers on a daily walk with Him and it effects virtually every decision I make.


Let me summarize what I learned through this with four points.  But as I go through these, search how each relates to you:


#1 - God loves you as His child.  He created you.  He truly wants a deep friendship with you.  God wants you to enjoy a relationship with Him.  He is the answer to your search for that ultimate true friendship.  He will fill the hole in your heart that all of us have had until we become His friend.  I want to assure you that this friendship is what your heart has been searching for, for so long.  God is there and He is moving in your life.  I know that was, and is, true for me

#2 - God is holy (perfect in every way) but we are not perfect and therefore not holy.  Sin is anything that keeps us from being holy or perfect like God. The Bible says that because we all have sin in our lives, none of us are perfect.  We are all sinners.  Because God is holy, He cannot have a friendship with sinners, so none of us can have any sort of relationship with God.  Because of my pride, I was separated from Him.


The Bible says that because God is a just God, He must punish us for our sins.  The Bible states that punishment for sins is eternal separation from God.  Being at peace with God is not possible because we are separated from God. This separation is the "something wrong" that is at the root of our self-centeredness, loneliness, and empty feelings.  When our is goal is to keep moving toward God, we keep moving away from Him through many acts of poor judgment, thoughts or attitudes.  ALL of us do this, no matter how upright we may seem on the surface.  If you search your own heart honestly, you already know this is true. This has caused a split between us and the One who made us and loves us.  Again, this split is called sin.


#3 - But, despite this, God still loves us more than we can ever know.  He made a provision for us. He was willing to be punished in our place for all the things we do wrong.  So God sent His Son Jesus to die on the cross in our place.  Now, because Jesus has already been punished for your sins, God is now able to forgive you for your sins.  But this forgiveness is a gift and isn't yours until you accept it.  It's an option.  You have the choice to accept it or not. 

#4 - The only thing you have to do to receive God's Forgiveness, Love and Eternal Presence is ask for it.  That’s the option that I finally selected.  Simply admit to God that you know you have sin in your life, you know that you can't get rid of that sin on your own, but you know that Jesus can, and did.  He became your savior by dying on the cross for the things you do wrong.  By asking for God's Forgiveness and Love, you are assured of being eternally with Him.   So right now, you are able to start a friendship with Him.  


I came to that point where I had to make a decision whether or not to invite Him into my heart. That is what all of us have to do.  We have to make a decision, and that decision clearly is the most important decision of your life.


If you would like to make this decision, please consider saying this prayer.  But remember, God is far more interested in your heart than your words.  But if these words express the desire of your heart, I would encourage you to make this “your prayer."



Dear God, I know that I’m a sinner. 


I know that I unable to get rid of my sin on my own. 


I know that I deserve to be punished for my sin, but I also know that you love me so much that you sent Jesus to die for my sin. 


I believe that Jesus’ death on the cross is enough to take away my sin.  I believe in Him.


I ask for Your forgiveness, and thank you for already having forgiven me. 


Thank you for loving me that much.  And thank you for always being available to listen to me. 


Lord, right now, I would like to invite you into my heart, and ask you to change my life, forever.


Please accept my humble prayer. Amen.